Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Is Me

Here I am, starting a new blog and while I am hiding it, those that may find it will only do so because they were looking for me. I don't plan on pimping this space out. But I have felt the urge to write and write what is in my heart. And in my head. Because at any given time there is tons there and yet in my other writing place, I feel like I can not say the words. So now I am here.

I use to call myself a writer and while blogging is never felt that way to me. I am hoping this place will be what I need to maybe do some writing prompts and also get my feelings out on issues that most people don't know about. My extended family for one. My thoughts on motherhood. Juicy stuff...but stuff that doesn't belong on Mommy This and That! MTaT is all rainbows and unicorns, cotton candy and love. Here I can be dark, I can curse. I can be real.